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The Power of Incremental Work

Quite a while ago, I wrote a review of The New Turing Omnibus. A very clever book whose double entendre title reinforced the wit with which the subject matter was to be handled. In short, a very fun book that covers a lot of Computer Science topics. What’s interesting though is how one tiny passage in the foreword changed my outlook on something important. Here it is: Sometime during my childhood I encountered the traditional image of a bird that erodes a mountain by taking a single stone from it every year.

An Amazon Story

This last week I was sitting with friends around a campfire and told the following true story. They found it rather interesting, so I figured it was worth retelling. The truth is, my career has been a really weird one…there’s nothing linear about any of the progression through work that I’ve chosen. It has been a truly wild ride, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Amazon. 1999. It was a totally different company than it is now, though in many ways it’s probably still Day 1.