About me

Planning Center - Lead Developer

Most recently, I’ve built several products for Planning Center. The base of operations is in San Diego, but there are a bunch of us spread all over the place (I’m in sunny Seattle, WA). A fantastic group of people.

The City - Founder/CTO

Back in 2008, I founded and built a social network for churches called The City. It was acquired by Zondervan, a subsidiary of Harper Collins, a subsidiary of News Corporation. I think it had nearly a million users by the end there.

Amazon.com - Infrastructure & Software Sr. Manager

I did some really neat stuff at Amazon.com: competitive pricing, sales anomaly detection…stuff we would describe today as data science-like things. I’m quite proud of the team and technology I built there (we made a ton of money for AMZN, Jeff liked us, the team is now 10x the size as when I left), the patents are descriptive of what we accomplished together:

Los Alamos National Lab - Student!

Way back in the day while a student at Cornell, I worked as an intern on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. I wrote a simple C++ program to model something about the neutral current detectors. It’s been too long that I honestly don’t remember, but the team at LANL was awesome and I learned a great deal about science and a bit about software. Thanks Pete and Andy!

Oh, and the chief scientist behind SNO jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2015. Congratulations!


In 2017, I released my first Science Fiction novel! You can find Singular on Amazon and at other places where fine books are sold.